The Federation is the oldest and only Jewish Women's
Federation in the Country - Since 1916



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A Prayer for the New Year
Source of all life, we thank You for having kept us alive and for enabling us to greet a new year. Help us to keep our minds alive. May we be open to new ideas, to nurturing lively curiosity, and to striving to add to our store of knowledge. Help us to keep our souls alive. May we be responsive to the needs of others, attentive to the importance of community, and devoted to truth and kindness. Help us to keep our spirits alive. May we face the future with confidence, knowing that every age has its unique joys, satisfactions and challenges. May the New Year be for us a time of dedication to: the lessons of our ancestors, support of family and friends, and faithfulness and loyalty to the People Israel and to all who inhabit this earth. (Amen)
Adapted from Siddur Hadash
Evening Meeting
Thursday, November 17, 2022
7:00PM Virtual

America at a Crossroads

with Guest Speaker
Barry Rascovar, Political Analyst

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What is Serv-A?
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President, CeCe Rund


Officers for 2022-2023
President - CeCe Rund
Vice President - Julie Bernstein
Vice President - Shulamit Finkelstein
Vice President - Edie Meyers
Recording Secretary - Sylvia Katzel
Corresponding Secretaries - Rochelle Bohrer, Ferne Rogow
Treasurer - Ann Fishkin
Auditor - Rosalind Asch
Community Representative - Marcia Bornfirend, Past President





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